Wednesday 5 February 2014

Cameron shows his contempt for the public and parliament - alcohol minimum pricing.

I just wrote to my MP via - may be you should too? (use your own words!)


I was very disappointed to see that the coalition government have brought in minimum alcohol pricing by the back door.

Some time ago David Cameron had made this a 'flagship policy', but (apparently) in the face of public (and so MP) opposition performed a U-Turn and dropped it. (

Now it is reported that rather than dropping it, a way was sought to bring it in with out allowing the public (or MPs) to have a say. (

I cannot express how disgusting I find this behaviour by the government in sidestepping the public and MPs.

David Cameron has a record of abusing his position, which he acknowledges - so much so that he sought to support an EU referendum law, as he knew his word alone would be trusted by very few voters.

This 'back door' introduction of law is a very EU method of working (as per working time directive being brought in via 'health and safely' because UK had an opt-out on 'employment' regulations).

I hope you are as mortified by this evasion of parliamentary accountability as I am.

Of course, by adding this to his record of deceitfulness and deviousness, the public will be reassured that any referendum promised by David Cameron will only ever deliver (by fair means or foul) the result that he wants.

Yours sincerely,

Paul Perrin

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