Wednesday, 30 October 2013

'The State' - the thuggish gang with the biggest sticks who run everything... You want anarchy? We already have it!

The 'democracy delusion' is not that democracy is broken or doesn't work, it is that it doesn't actually exist at all.

Its taken some time to get here... but like so many revelations, once recognised it seems obvious...

We live in anarchy - we can only live in anarchy - there is nothing else. Our lives are 'what we can get away with' while they guys with the biggest sticks try to impose their will on us. They guys with the biggest sticks are 'the state' - we are well trained so they don't need to use their sticks too often on most of us - and the state is very experience, they generally know how far they can push without causing outright rebellion.

The key part of our training, to keep some peace in the midsts of this anarchy, the element that keeps (most of) us in order is the delusion that we have some say/control over the guys with the big sticks. We have been suckered into believing that our 'system' is not anarchy, that our 'system' is something called 'democracy' that is in some way intrinsically different to anarchy. It isn't - but many of us eagerly accept this delusion because it means we can pretend/imagine/believe that we are free.

This realisation - that democracy is a delusion, and there is only anarchy - explains why trying to install democracy in other countries has been so hit and miss, imposing the delusion on a whole population, of mixed ages, in one go, is very, very difficult - here we start the indoctrination as soon as a child can be removed from its parents and put in the care of the state at school, so the delusion is established in our minds on a one to one basis over many years.

The 'democracy delusion' is not that democracy is broken or doesn't work, it is that it doesn't actually exist at all. People will only follow a 'democratic' decision if they agree to do so, or are coerced to obey it... thats obvious isn't it? People do what they think (given the immediate circumstances) whatever they think is in their best interest. In a 'modern western democracy', the guys with the big sticks (the state and its minions) try to make compliance with their decisions appear to be 'in our best interest' by punishing us if we don't comply. How is that different to anarchy?

The states 'laws' are just their 'rules' - and we will be punished if we don't comply with them, their 'laws' are not special in anyway, they are not intrinsically different to a group of street thugs running a 'protection racket'.

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