Tuesday, 15 October 2013

McCann - Crimewatch Reconstruction.

Ok firstly... I virtually skipped the whole McCann thing 'till now - Kids can go missing if parents leave them unattended... I use the safe in hotels (even in the UK) for valuables, and kids are far more valuable than anything that would fit in a safe - I never left my kids unattended anywhere.

But as there has been a reconstruction, I thought I'd follow it through to get the time line of events that evening - this is what I got from Crimewatch (times aporox, so give or take 5 mins either way on each?).

This is the iplayer link (will probably be out of date by the time you read this http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01jqssz)

Praia da Luz on the 3rd May 2007.

Back entrance - Shutters, french windows, curtains - all closed to keep dark (no mention of being locked)
Fron entrance - Door

8:30 McCanns leave kids in apartment 5a, go to tapas bar to meet friends.
8:35 Other guests arrive Matt+Rachel Oldfield (staying  next door in 5b), Jane Tanner+Russell O'Brian
9:00 Matt Oldfield goes to checks on his kids.
9:0? 3 more guests arrive
9:0? Gerry McCann goes to see kids
9:05 Gerry McCann sees kids
9:1? Gerry McCann stops to chats to guest on the way back.
9:0? Jane Tanner leaves to check her kids
9:15 Jane Tanner passes McCann apartment checking on her kids
9:1? Gerry McCann Back
9:20 Starter - every one present
9:30 Kate McCann stands to check, but Russell O'Brien and Matt Oldfield Go
9:3? Matt Oldfield returns, Russell O'Brien stays with sick daughter.
9:40 Jane Tanner goes to take over from Russell O'Brian
10:00 Kate McCann finds daughter missing, French windows open

So if it was a planned abduction, as the police currently suggest, then abductor(s) - knowing the McCanns schedule - would have to be looking at 8:35-8:55, 9:05-9:25 or 9:35-9:55 (a few minutes after a parent is expected to have left/half hourly check, till a few mins before they return - giving a maximum of 20 mins to get in, do the job and get out). Gerry sees the kids at 9:05 so not the first slot, and a delayed start on the second, how ever Gerry is still not clear at 9:15 when he is chatting to another guest between the apartment/bar and Jane passes to check on her kids, giving almost no time until the the next slot... So 9:35 it has to be. This time Matt goes in place of Kate (no explanation of how he gets into the apartment to check on their kids) - he checks his kids (next door as well) so now looking at going in about 9:40 at which time Jane must be going past the apartment to take over from Russell, who then (presumably) pass the apartment going back to the tapas bar. So it is about 9:50 and your slot is to 9:55... Would an abductor go for it? If you can silently kidnap a kid from an apartment in five minutes, who needs a plan? Kids would be going missing all the time - even while parents are in the shower!


  1. Did matt really check on the mccann kids?it seems he said he did.the one thing that really annoys me is that there is too much confusion deliberate or not and lies all round.

    1. I totally agree. I did this timeline as the crime watch info seems to be accepted by the McCanns and Police, so no 'conspiracy theory' or 'guesses' in there.

      I can easily imagine the group telling 'fibs' about how often they checked on the kids immediately after she went missing (noone wants to look negligent, and parents almost always say 'I was only gone for a moment') - and now not being able/willing to tell the truth.

      My impression is that the official time-line doesn't seem to work... I certainly don't think it supports a 'planned abduction'.

      More 'offical' info would be good...

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