Monday, 28 October 2013

Islam inspires many people to become terrorists - So what are you going to do about it?

People can bang on about islamic/muslim terrorism or bang about Islam being 'the religion of peace' and deny that it has anything to do with terrorism.

However, regardless of where blame lies, it simply cannot be denied that Islam does inspire many people to terrorist acts - there are plenty of examples of this, we see them every week.

To say that it is not islams 'fault' that this happens is pretty much the same argument as 'guns dont kill people, people kill people' - 'islam doesn't kill people, people kill people'. Outside of the military, most guns are used for sport, not for killing people, however this has not stopped guns being heavily regulated and  (in the case of hand guns) banned completely. In the same way, if Islam was a common drug that caused some of its takers to turn terrorist then it would undoubtedly be banned - one wonders why followers of a 'religion' get such special treatment as compared to sportsmen and drug takers.

I am not a fan of bans - every ban restricts my choice (regardless of what my choice would actually be) nor am I a fan of making people responsible for others (whether I am my brothers keeper is for me to decide), but its is time to at least recognise and accept the undeniable fact that islam/mohamed/allah inspires some people to become terrorists and murderers. If Islam is not to be banned entirely  then it is for the supporters of islam to make the case for not proscribing it, including their plans for ensuring that those who cannot handle it are protected from its influence.

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