Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Socialisms useful fools. If you don't like your job, that is your problem, nobody elses - farmers included.

I am sure there are farmers who are happy with their lot - but the public rarely of ever hear from them. What the public, the tax payer and consumer, actualy hear is complaint after complaint from farmers and the farming lobby about how unfair everything is, and why it is everybody elses fault and 'society' needs to change, needs to adapt, so farmers can have everthing just as they want it. For 'change' and 'adapt' read 'pay us more'.

For socialism to win, and deliver the public into serfdom under the thumb of the party bosses, the public must be impoverished and made dependent. On the basis that many people would 'choose' serfdom if starvation was the only other option - those that wouldn't, wouldn't be around for much longer.

So, again they cry goes up that "the consumer isn't paying enough, they are getting something for nothing, make them pay more, it is 'the right thing to do', 'its only fair'". Of course, for these people, nothing is ever enough - if they win once they won't be satisfied, they will simply push all the harder for another wealth grab, and another - until they have it all.

While the vested interests fight this battle, the government are happy for their income from taxes and duty's (being percentage based)  to rise with the prices. 20% tax/duty on 'a lot' is more than 20% tax/duty on 'a little'.

It isn't just farming/food - the activists here are just useful fools, as are activists for other vested interests. We are told that we have some 'moral duty' to pay more for our food, pay more to run our cars, pay more to heat our homes, pay more to use public transport, pay more to drink alcohol, pay more to smoke tobacco, pay more for spurious 'progressive' posts in the public sector, pay more to foreign governments, pay more for just about everything.

It is said 'time is money', but more importantly, for many of us (the non-rich) 'money is time' - our money represents the limited and precious hours of our lives that we have sold to someone else simply to survive and get by.

Every call for us to pay more is a call to give up a bit more of out lives, sacrifice a bit more of our time here - simply because someone else thinks they have more right to our limited existance than we, ourselves, do.

In the end people will only pay others for things if they cannot do those things for themselves, more cheaply (based on the value they choose to give their own time). Doing things for yourself usually has the additional benefit that no tax is payable - that would be a tax on your very existance! (Only the most evil of people would support that - as it amounts to slavery).

The farming lobby, public health campaigners and greens are in the vanguard of the socialists states 'useful fools' in pushing us towards a horrible, totalitarian, socialist society. Don't be taken in by their moaning and nagging and bogus 'real cost of...' arguments - if they are unhappy, then it is for them to sort out themselves, without dumping on the rest of us.

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