Monday, 21 January 2013

Would you Adam and Eve it? (#1)

And so the story began.

Adam and Eve lived on a five acre farm with their three children.

Each day Adam would tend the fields and animals, doing whaterver work and tasks the time of year demanded. Eve would look after the house, keep it clean and tidy, prepare meals and have primary responsibility for looking after and managing the children. But in either case, Adam and Eve would help out in any role where it was required.

This was a division of labour that worked very well for the whole family, a bit like governments having different departments for domestic affiars - 'The Home Office' - and for another for non-domestic affairs - 'The Foreign Office'. Or of a company having different departments for managing the internal operations of the company (Human Resources, Typing Pool etc) and external operations (Salesmen, Client Relationship Managers etc).

Adam and Eve were equal partners in their relationship and family, they chose how best to divide and/or share roles - in some cases one of them specialising and building up specific skills, in others (like bed time reading to the children) they shared the priviledge of doing the task.

Being sensible, rational people it never occured to them to split every job precisely down the middle to try to make things 'equal' or 'fair' - that would be inefficent, artificial and childish. Things were efficient, fair and enjoyable as they were.

Thing is, I call them Adam and Eve, but that was just the shortened version of their names - I think their full names were actually Alisadam the childrens mother and Steven their father - but could be wrong... or have them around the wrong way - but that doesn't really matter does it?

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