Saturday, 26 January 2013

Same sex marriage suporters indulge in some gay bashing of their own...

What a display, half a dozen straight, same sex marriage supporters laying into a gay man because he doesn't agree with them.

Before knowing he was gay, they attacked him the same way they attacked me (me being a straight opponent of same sex mariage) - they were throwing around bogus 'equality' arguments, and saying how this is a vital issue that all homosexuals and most hetrosexuals support, and that only a bigot and homophobe could disagree with them.

He stood his ground and produced several great links showing that no serious rights organisation considers same-sex marriage a 'human rights' issue, he withstood the onslaught with style, running rings around his attackers.

Then the bombshell - pointing out that he himself was gay.

Well that was spectacular - the shouts of bigot and homophobe evaporated in an instant. However it was not a knockout blow... his attackers u-turned and pivoted... and launched a new attack from a different angle.

Now they insisted that he was an exception, that he was on his own, that he was misguided and like all gay people he was sorely oppressed and needed their help to be treated equally as a normal person.

He would have none of this - he renewed his counter attack tearing their arguments apart one by one - refusing to let them label him a victim in need of their pity and their help.

Meanwhile, I too had been fighting these promoters of 'enforced victimhood' and 'disparagers of true equality'. As they cowered and failed I gave another tweet of support to my gay comrade 'Good stuff, keep this up and we'll have to start treating you gays as normal people', sarcasticly highlighting the 'we powerful [straights]' vs 'you [dependent on our help] gays' division that these supposed believers in 'equality' are trying to estabish and reinforce in perpetuity. And highlighting that he was already superior to them in his arguments.

What ever the arguments in favour of same sex marriage, the bulk of the noise is coming from mostly straight pro-ssm campaigners, many of whom seem to be genuinely homophobic, who are reacting to this dog-whistle issue as bogus 'proof' that they are not. They know/care little about the issue itself, they just want to be seen to be associated with a 'right on' cause.

So who is it that has little or no respect for gay people? Clearly those who not only think they want/need their help, but will do their best to bully them into accepting it. Me, I have much more respect for people than that - gay or straight, black or white, male or female - to me they are all 'normal people', and individuals,, already.

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