Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Countless white turbines stand mute witness to mans inhumanity to his felow man

With Remberance Sunday approaching, I was struck by the visual similarity between the rows of white crosses in war cemetaries, and the rows of white turbines in wind farms.

I was also struck by the thought of those who will pay the ultimate price for the expensive electricity generated by these turbines - many of the people who will go hungry and even freeze to death this winter because fuel is artificially over priced will be those who had surived war.

Those who were killed in war are rememberd with small stone crosses, those who survived war but now will be killed by the expense of wind power will be remembered with huge white turbines.

Wind farms are gardens of rememberance for those sacrified to the vanity of politicians and their inhumanity to their fellow man.


  1. Someone on HIGNIFY was reminded of WWII Spitfires when he looked at turbines. See them as defenders of our green and pleasant land against the dark forces of carbon, the coal and oil merchants who are reasy to sacrifice our childrens' future on the altar of their own Profit.

    But of course you don't believe in physics, all that silly stuff about Carbon Dioxide resonating when exposed to Infra Red radiation. Silly old physics, what has physics ever done for us? Apart from the Internet, well OK, but what else? OK, the motor car, but that's about it isnt it? Well and telly, all right, OK but the point is that if we accept the greenhouse effect we will all end up as Commies.

    PS it was the Government that chose to put the cost of renewables on fuel bills instead of general taxation. Also it is the Government that has stalled on insulating social housing to a reasonably high standard.

    1. CO2 contributes about 10% to the earths life preserving duvet.

      Mans actions account for 5% of that CO2.

      UK accounts for 5% of mans contribution of CO2.

      So UK contributes 0.025% to the global heat blanket.

      How many old folk need to freeze to death to change that enough to make any difference (ignoring whether a change is actually good, bad or indifferent)?