Friday, 9 March 2012

Taxpayers as government Human Shields against themselves!

I heard a far left socialist complain about their child's taxpayer funded 'Child Trust Fund' (a £500 bond given by the government at birth to all kids) had actually been going down in value over the past few years.

I was quite pleased to see, maybe, a chink forming in their blind faith that 'the state knows best'. Presented with such clear evidence that the state was at best incompetent or worse 'a thief', one can only hope they follow that thread and find the truth.

My contribution to that journey of theirs?

I explained that the government can never be trusted with money, nor to benefit the public. By example I pointed to three examples - the Child Trust Fund, Right to Buy (council house purchase subsidised by the taxpayer), and Pensions.

There are many flaws in the way the state manages each of these things, but the one overriding point of these things is that they are entirely for the governments benefit and the supposed 'beneficiaries' actually get nothing - worse, the government steals from the public under the guise of 'helping out'.

These things - Child Trust Funds, Right to Buy, Pension - are not gift horses, they are ravenous sharks, crocodiles and vultures created to give the government more of our money to play with without mentioning the dreaded 'tax' word.

First, Child Trust Funds - you are obliged to take this £500 and hand it to a life insurance company to manage for 16 years until your child is grown. You have no say/control over it - meanwhile the life company uses this money to make profit for itself, pocketing most, but handing a little back to you which it then takes a fee from... Don't like it? Tough.

But at least your child is getting something back eh? Well have you seen the new university tuition fees that the government have extended now? With one hand you get what is left of a £500 16 year investment (that you had no control over), with the other you are charged £30,000 to take a degree course - bargain or rip off?

Secondly, Right to Buy - a relatively poor council house occupant is given a huge subsidy to encourage them to buy the house they live in. The taxpayer puts up many thousands and the occupier takes out a mortgage on the balance - again the life company/bank/mortgage provider gets more business, more of our money to make profit on and take fees out of.

But at least this non-wealthy individual gets a valuable asset to pass on to their children and help their social mobility along eh? Well do you know what happens to poor peoples houses when they get old? The get sold off and the money used to support you in your old age and in a care home. You put your money in to a house, and now the state takes it all back (your cut and theirs) and gives you 'care' that everyone else gets for free - bargain or rip off?

Nest, Pensions - the state are 'kind' enough to give you tax breaks on pension contributions - hurrah! How do you get them? Well... you don't, our old friends the life insurance companies do - you pay a life company a fixed amount each month, the government gives them the tax you paid on that money. As usual the life company gets to do what it likes with the money - in this case it is their own money... you don't 'invest' your pension contributions you pay towards the promise of a pension - the money is theirs in return for the promise of a pension (size unknown, value unknown etc so no risk to them, just free money for them to play with now), and the government can dip into those funds (with all kinds of tax tricks) when ever it pleases.

But at least you get a pension at the end of it, so have a better life eh? Well who can say? expected returns from pensions have fallen through the floor and means testing on benefits means what you get as pension will most likely be knocked off elsewhere. And through your whole life you were deprived of the use of your own money in return for this - bargain or rip off?

So where does 'human shield' come into this? Simply these three government tax-tricks are perceived by the supposed 'beneficiaries' as a *good thing* and they will fight to 'protect' them! The government have created back door taxes the people love, support and want to participate in! Unfortunately this is done by making fools of us, while we slog our guts out creating the wealth, the life insurance, banking and related industries are coining it in and divvying it up with politicians.

I want to attack this government theft, but have to overcome the public who will do all they can to protect the government that enslaves them... sheesh!

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