Monday, 19 March 2012

The New English Revolution

The crunch is nearly upon us.

It is now generally accepted that as things stand, the standard of living for most people in the UK is falling and will continue to do so.

The 'baby boomers' of the post war years were generally hard working, prudent and self reliant. They massively grew the economy and wealth of the country, and they benefited from the wealth that they created.

However, they didn't leave much room for following generations to do the same, and didn't pass on the opportunities. The same traits that created the wealth also made (and makes) them cling to it. The following generations have no ownership of the wealth the boomers created, and there is not the scope for more growth for them to create their own wealth.

We are at a transition point - where the boomers' wealth is being hoovered up by big business and fabulously wealthy individuals/families - it will never reach the bulk of generation x and their descendants.

In response the government (that is ministers and MPs) are playing a nasty, evil trick - in league with the bankers/money men - a trick to give the impression that every thing is 'business as usual' and this is just a 'blip'.

They are tricking us into spending all the money we have yet to earn (and/or spending it in our name) - spending all that money now, today, in return for a few last years of feeling wealthy. They are getting us into debt on a scale that is almost unimaginable.

But the day of judgement will come, when we have nothing left to hoc or borrow against - our future pay/labour and that of our children born and yet to be born will have been spent. We will then be working for *nothing* to pay it back - and the interest charges on the debt mean it will, in reality, *never* be paid back. Our lives, our very souls and those of our descendants are being promised to the devil in perpetuity.

It is not yet too late to turn back. Not quite. But it soon will be. The choice is ours, it has to be made now, and it is our children and their children to come who will pay the price if we get it wrong.

Food, shelter, freedom, security - these are our essentials and we can have them for pennies - everything else is icing on the cake and is not worth risking our futures for.

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  1. Yes, has to be a a start and Very Soon. "a nasty, evil trick - in league with the bankers/money men - a trick to give the impression that every thing is 'business as usual' and this is just a 'blip'."... There is only way with our current societal values of greed, more and more please - it is DOWN. 8+ Billion People cannot all have this same standard of living, of being fed and watered and the oppulent society. The politicians and governments in the west know this, you can see them flexing their muscles with use of Police, the Orwellian Methods of control of the public, the sings are all there you only have to look.