Thursday, 1 March 2012

Its people wot matter - not inanimate legal entities, they are false idols.

Just a short blog against respect for 'organisations' or other non-live entities - whether a company, organisation, country, department, political party, union etc.

Only *people* have feelings, only *people* have motivations, only *people* do things, only *people* can be happy, only *people* can be sad, only *people* can be grateful, only *people* can be sorry, only *people* can be accountable, only *people* can feel, only *people* matter.

People deserve respect; non-human legal entities (or groups or collectives) deserve NO respect - there is nothing to give that 'respect' to, nothing to receive it.

Do you feel loyalty towards a company? If so its shareholders and directors have done a job on you - they have perverted you human nature. A company is just a bit of paper, a registration document, a vehicle to make taxation easier. You may feel loyalty towards people employees by a company, or maybe its shareholders or directors - it matters what happens to them they are people, but a company is false idol not worthy of emotional attachment.

In relation to emotional responses, these 'idols' are tools used to manipulate you. Like a newly hatched chicken being shown an old Wellington boot and imprinting on it as its 'mother' - people are led into making emotional commitments to these false idols. Human emotions/attributes are perverted for the gain of others.

People need to wake up and look around - ever been angry with a company/organisation? What did the company care? it has no brain. Ever felt disloyal about moving your custom from a company/organisation? what did the company care? it has no feelings. Ever had an apology from a company/organisation? What does that even mean? what did the company feel sorry 'with' its cheque book?.

While you are focusing on companies/organisations or whatever, the people in charge of that entity are picking your pockets. People are better than this, they are worth more than this - an individual always trumps an organisation of any kind (not the people who may be part of the organisation, but the organisation itself).

Next time you hear anyone emoting about something inanimate, call them out on it. They are demeaning themselves and all humanity.

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