Saturday, 19 November 2011

Rank Cowardice...

I read that the entire Governance Committee of Brighton and Hove council ABSTAINED on a decision that had been fully researched and had a recommendation to be rejected. Once the entire committee had abstained the chairman of the the committee then declined to use their casting vote.

A right of way was being claimed across a piece of land - those claiming had to show that the right of way had been in use for 20 years - the councils own report said that had not been proved so the application should be rejected.

2.1 That the Committee declines to make an Order on the basis that the evidence
referred to in this report does not demonstrate that the claimed right of way
subsists or can reasonably be alleged to subsist.

As a taxpaying resident, I can only wonder how these councillors dare to hold their seats and responsibilities and also to claim attendance allowances and special responsiblity payments.

They have completely failed in their responsibilities, and the decision will now go to central government for a decision.

Why did they act this way? Is it simply cowardice? A fear of upsetting the voters who supported the claim? As a council by-election is imminent, I can only assume the worst - that the 10 councillors were more concerned about party political campaigning than fulfilling their responsibilities and doing their (taxpayer funded) duty.

When reviewing the list of councillors on this committee remember what other 'complex' issues they may claim to understand - issues far more complex than rights of way... climate change for instance - its causes and consequenes...

Meeting Attendance (Expected)
AttendeeCommittee RoleParty
Cllr Leo LittmanChairGreen - Preston Park
Cllr Ann NormanDeputy ChairConservative - Withdean
Cllr Amy KennedyMemberGreen - Preston Park
Cllr Jason KitcatMemberGreen - Regency
Cllr Gill MitchellMemberLabour - East Brighton
Cllr Warren MorganMemberLabour - East Brighton
Cllr Brian OxleyMemberConservative - (resigned)
Cllr Stephanie PowellMemberGreen - Queens Park
Cllr Bill RandallMemberGreen, Council Leader - Hanover & Elm Grove
Cllr Geoffrey Theobald OBEMemberConservative - Patcham

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