Monday, 7 February 2011

A proper system of recall is only possible after #Yes2AV !

In simple terms... if an MP can be recalled if a majority of voters call for it, then consider (a male MP for convenience)

1) An FPTP election, giving a winner that has less than 50% support.
- So MP's opposition (>50%) recall him.
- FPTP election rerun
- All voters vote tactically based on earlier election result - between top 2 candidates.
- New MP returned - the one with >50% support!

2) An AV election, returning an MP
- No other candidate can muster >50% support so no recall...
- Everyone knows a rerun will give same result, so no point!

So recall on demand means two FPTP elections in close succession and delivers the same result that AV would have done in the first place!!

If we are to have recall, either we need AV to make it work, or we need to bodge recall to such an extent that it is useless!!

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