Thursday, 1 April 2010

ECHR in UK Law - A Square Peg in a Round Hole

A selection of Brighton & Hove PPCs responded to a questionnaire from Brighton and Hove Amnesty International

My view (which aligns with that of UKIP) is that putting ECHR into UK law is trying to force a square (European style) peg in to a round (UK legal system) hole.

This mismatch is clearly demonstrated by the apparent need for draconian, rights infringing legislation by this government to try to knock off the edges off the peg and fill in the gaps in the hole...

Human rights are hugely important, but in the UK we need to decide for ourselves what they cover and how they are to be protected - creating our own round peg to fill the round hole. This is not an option while we remain in the EU.

The only other options are the oppressive mess of legislation that this government have introduced (that keeps turning out to be illegal); or the wholesale abandonment of the UK legal system in favour of an European style system.

The government are currently following the first option, but our membership of the EU (supported by the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats and Green Party's) is slowly and inevitably bringing in the second option - the exchange of our legal system for an European one.

Our traditional rights, hard won over the centuries by the common working people of England, are being denied us without so much as a 'by your leave', ditched (by the government) in favour of the very alien (and inferior) European system.

And these hard won rights are not airy-fairy theoretical things, they are the very core of our daily freedom - the right not to be locked up with out due cause and process, the right to be judged by ones peers, the very right to go about your own daily lawful business without state interference.

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