Monday, 30 March 2009

Extravention to replace Intervention

The government does too much - it doesn't need to do most of it, we can't afford it and don't want to pay for it.

When was the last time the government got involved with something, with a resulting reduction in cost? Has there ever been such an occasion?

Government Intervention must stop - Gordon Brown has been described as not finding a single thing so insignificant that he doesn't believe it won't benefit from his intervention.

Unfortunately for the taxpayer, every intervention costs us money. Money to examine the current situation, money to change the set up, money to run the new set up, money to monitor the new set up. Money, money, money - ours, ours, ours.

What we need is 'Extravention' a new programme (yes that will cost a bit), but with a remit to unwind all existing state interventions, and return the savings to the taxpayer - with the final aim of extravening itself into oblivion.

If something is genuinely seen as beneficial, the taxpayer will have the money to pay for it directly through choice.

The government do have a role ensuring that information is available to allow people to make free, informed choices and to ensure that contracts (freely entered into) are honoured. But they do not have a role in providing the services or controlling the contracts or directly monitoring them.

Get the government off our backs and out of our faces - use extravention to extricate the states mucky paws from where they dont belong.

A public sector worker is a wealth consumer - wealth created by others (in the private sector) is taken by the state and just given away to the public sector to be consumed.

Each public sector worker who can be freed up from these unnecessary tasks will then be able to enter the private sector and set about creating wealth.

This country needs as many wealth creators as possible - we cannot afford to waste so many people by tying them up in the public sector, they must be liberated by extravention and allowed to contribute towards the wealth creation of this country.

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