Friday, 13 March 2009

Are you entitled to live in the UK? If so, then Labour hate you.

And Boris is little better.
  • People argue that illegal immigrants accept low wages so are good for the economy.
  • People argue that illegal immigrants aren't a drain on the taxpayer, because they can't claim benefits.
  • People argue that illegal immigrants do jobs that citizens wont do.
These arguments are used to support the call for an amnesty for illegal immigrants.

There is an obvious flaw in this -- if illegal immigrants are given citizenship, then they are no longer illegal immigrants, and the 'benefits' listed above cease to apply !

Anyone who cites 'benefits' flowing from the presence of illegal immigrants, is actually arguing for them to remain as 'illegal immigrants'.

And, of course, what is the cost of a citizen not being able to find a job because they are currently filled by illegal imigrants?

It is easy to argue that illegal immigrants are good for the economy, but (as I have explained) this is only while they remain illegal. However I have a deeper objection, the use of illegal immigrants is immoral - companies that only exist by exploiting illegal imigrants (at the expense of jobs for citizens) are disgusting, exploitative adn need to be shut down - and their owners locked up.

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